Directed by
Blair Waters

A lonely insurance adjuster becomes consumed by his desire to meet his internet girlfriend, who claims to be a princess from a faraway country.

Caribbean born, Brooklyn based filmmaker Blair Water's debut narrative Princess Rita navigates the dreams and hopes of isolated civilians and the search for love across technology. In a darkly comic tale, our lonely lead falls into a dating scam in a desperate attempt to escape the banality of his life. Water convinced Mallory Rice to make a screenplay out of their original short story and so Princess Rita was born.

Waters 'I wanted to create a world that feels something like a magical depression, and explore the vague line between reality and fantasy. It’s about a scam, but more about what lies at the heart of all successful scams and cults: the promise of a better life, and the fulfillment of basic human desires like love and acceptance.'

Princess Rita was filmed on Marco Island, Florida, predominantly at The Boathouse Motel.

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