Michelle Ayub Explores the issue of consent in new music video for Vallens

Director Michele Ayub's statement:
'For this particular video Robyn came to me with an idea that she wanted to execute regarding this character who had two personas and would represent a woman on her period/uncomfortable in her body that would be contrasted by this glamourized feminine persona. Based on the theme of consent and shame, I was inspired by Lynch, Cronenberg and Gareth Pugh to create this sort of horror-esque/voyeuristic narrative of this woman being “watched” and then destroyed by all of these factors circling around her and her body. It’s the first music video I’ve done where the band (Robyn) had a lot of ideas and I had to figure out how to visually interpret them. I also wanted to use cliché “feminine” symbols like the grapefruit, rose …etc to parody and break that imagery down.'
'Due to a limited budget I literally kept the set/shoot really low-key with myself doing camera work (sometimes two cameras at the same time) + lighting (etc) in Robyn’s apartment with some extra help from Hayley and Holden with the lights, carrying props and throwing water on Robyn at the end of the video!'
Title: Consent

Genre: Music Video, Thriller (?), Experimental

Director: Michele Ayoub

Country/year of Publication: Canada, September 2016