F Word is a story, art film about a young woman, Nicole, raised by a single parent and empowered to make sense of the place (inside her) which is ’normally’ inhabited by another parent. Much like myself, Nicole fights to fights to make sense of her circumstances, exploring the social, industrial and natural world in a journey of self-discovery. The film investigates how and who we choose to inhabit in our lives, both present and absent. It speaks to both young and old alike, who have lost, misplaced, or are missing a person who has been apart of their life story.

Savanah is currently shooting her second short film which we are helping to produce. Support our indiegogo campaign NOW! 



Title: F Word

Genre: Narrative

Director: Savanah Leaf


Written and Directed by: Savanah Leaf

Starring: Savanna Small

Producer: Adele Barach
Executive Producer: Savanah Leaf
Director of Photography: Mario Gonsalves
Art Director: Emma Barkham
Editor: Mark Keady / TVC Soho
Sound Designer/Foley Artist: Ben Chick
Re-recordist Mixer: Sophia Hardman
Colour Producer: Dan Kreeger/ The Mill
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll / The Mill
Driver: Paul Dubois
1st Assistant Director: Joanna Blyth
Camera Assistant: John Janssens

And a special thank you to
The Mill: Jarrad Vladich
Biscuit Filmworks: Orlando Wood
Water Mill-London: Bertie Miller & Dave Waters
Flying Wish Paper: Julie Lambie 
ProCam: Andy Joseph

Year of Publication: 2016