Maddalena McNicholas - Adolescent, Mutter



Mutter  is a feeling. The kind you get when your high up a building, looking down at the ground far far away, but somehow it’s getting closer. Using movement the film explores the different forms of heart ache following the loss of a child. 

Director Maddie McNicholas expands on the genre of traditional music documentary, made with collaboration from London based music producer Adolescent for his track Mutter. 


Title: Adolescent, Mutter 

Genre: Dance/Experimental Drama 

Full Credits:

Director/Producer: Maddalena McNicholas

Director of Photography: Jack Wells 

Editor: Joseph Rodrigues Marsh

Art Direction: Daisy Emily Warne 

Sound Recordist: Stephen McNicholas

Sound Design: Alex Parish & Joseph Rodrigues Marsh

Final Sound Mix: Michael Roberts


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