Niamh Peren made doc about bunny killers in rural New Zealand




The Great Bunny Hunt reflects an ethical, political, environmental and local issue, mid-conversation. As there is no given answer to the rabbit population of Central Otago, New Zealand, this film grants an insight into a cultural and natural dynamic.

For the past nineteen years the Alexandra Lions Foundation has hosted an event that encourages New Zealand's twisted sense of humour. Easter Weekend (2010) commenced with approximately 500 people teaming up to shoot the Easter Bunny. The hunters filled Pioneer Park with a record kill of 23 064!

Introduced in the 1860's, the rabbit population has severely impacted the region. For the farming populace the plaguing rabbit population is detrimental to land and crops, and therefore productivity. The land sits as a silent partner, hurting yet accommodating. Three discourses are presented in action, all existing, and to some degree all losers. This is both an observational and participatory documentary, which aims to educate and showcase the multifaceted complexity of this ongoing dilemma.

Though it must be acknowledged, as long as the rabbit survives, she will win.

Directed, shot and edited by Niamh Peren, New Zealand, 2012