Chantal Adams' Inspiration Behind Her Anti-Fashion Film For GIF



Chantal Adams works in the realm of visual music and fashion culture. Currently part of the stable of creative filmmakers at NTS Radio, Chantal has created a dark, subversive, anti-fashion film for GIF in collaboration with UK based street wear brand ZDDZ. We asked her about the inspiration for her film.

Michel Gondry - Science of Sleep

The virtual worlds Michelle Gondry manages to create, in such a D.I.Y way, has always influenced my work.



Johny 316 (Dir. Erick Ifergan)

The film Buffalo '66 lead me to Johnny 316, which is considered a hidden gem in Vincent Gallo's career. I find the dramatic and obsessive storyline caught on VHS to be a beautiful mix. 



ShowStudio - A Man Called Boss

ShowStudio is one of the reasons I started making films and 'A Man Called Bones' is one of my favourites to be platformed on ShowStudio.



Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

I filmed mini sets for my final project at university and I was really into Blood Orange's music video for 'Champagne Coast' at the time. This video was also edited by Jude MC who's one of my top music video directors -he's deleted his website though :(



Paris Is Burning (Dir. Jennie Livingstone)

This film is probably in most people's top 5 and I don't think anyone could top this ball culture documentary.



Check out Chantal's work on or her Vimeo page.