Alice Seabright - Hezen, The Girl You Want

The director Alice Seabright's statement:
'Hezen's song The Girl You Want is about the expectations placed on women - by others and themselves - as objects of desire. The film explores the idea of watching and being watched, and how it changes us. How we construct a self to present, and how the self behind the mask can get lost. The song and Hezen's vision immediately struck a chord with me. They had a dreamlike quality - and in fact, the video's narrative came to Hezen in a dream. The Girl You Want spoke to me without delivering any clear answers or messages. I found it beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
My aim was to recreate this dreamlike quality in the film. I looked to David Lynch and David Cronenberg for inspiration, and created a world that felt haunting and surreal - from a fantasy, a dream or a nightmare. Crucial to achieving this, was the work of the team - in particular, Catherine Goldschmidt's beautiful cinematography, Carmen Mueck's evocative set and costume design, and Suzi Battersby's lifelike and creepy prosthetics. The performance of Martine Eisenfisz was also key. She conveyed so much sadness and emotion, whilst dancing so beautifully.'
Title: The Girl You Want
Genre: Music Video
Director: Alice Seabright
Cast/Crew: Written by Sarah Hezen, Directed by Alice Seabright
Music & Lyrics by Sarah Hezen
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Evans
Produced by Manon Ardisson
Director of Photography: Catherine Goldschmidt 
Production and Costume Designer: Carmen Mueck
Prosthetics designer: Suzi Battersby
1st AD: Conor O'Callaghan
2nd AD: Joel Court
Focus Puller: Joel Honeywell
Clapper Loader: Katy Ruffy
Grip: Marina Alberro
Gaffer: Junior Agyeman
Spark: Ben Millar
Spark: Connor Adam
Make up designer: Kirri-Lorrel Badouille-Carter
Make up artist: Kesha K South
Editor: Alice Seabright
Colourist and Online editor: Jonny Tully
Thanks to Panalux, Panavision, Kelly Amundsen, Nadia McLeod, Samuel De Ceccatty, Massimo Filippi, Blundell street studios
Year of publication: 2016