Directed by
Femke Huurdeman

A dreamy trip with a modern day, femme fatale, cowgirl wielding a baseball bat in Balenciaga boots.

Dazed by the Desert is Femke Huurdeman’s new film which blends fashion with music and a leading femme fatale. Shot on super 8mm in Joshua Tree, near LA. “I was talking to a friend I went to high school with from [the band] Zeeland, and he told me about this EP he had just recorded in Joshua Tree. It felt very perfect because we had wanted to go there and there was now this opportunity to create this experimental project that was informed and inspired by their music.”

"When I was researching Joshua Tree, I discovered that bandits used to hide their stolen goods at the Jolly Rocks, where parts of the film took place. I was trying to imagine how this space was used, and how a modern-day bandit might operate here, or more specifically how a modern-day female bandit might operate. "

Huurdeman blended the well known Americana with sentiments from her own birthplace, which makes for a realistic edge in all the familiar dreamy cinema settings of LA’s deserts. “For me, the story starts with the feeling of loneliness and boredom, and the latter is a theme I often come to probably because I am from a small town in the Netherlands myself and I haven’t forgotten the feeling of daydreaming.”

Featuring three songs by Zeeland.