Directed by
Beatrix Blaise

A harmonious escape into another world where alien and real laps at your feet.

Westerman's Outside Sublime is there to soothe modern anxieties, “I wanted to write a note to a struggling friend. I hoped it would be an arm on the shoulder for anyone finding things difficult. I wanted to be really direct with this, and for it to feel joyful and powerful in an unobtrusive sort of way.” Beatrix Blaise in direct response created a video that is soothing and fluid and presented this same lyrical utopia where serenity exists all around.

"I’m always trying to find a material quality to songs and I think Westerman’s music has a lot of unusual texture that was easy to build ideas off. There’s a magical realism within the sounds of Outside Sublime that I wanted to evoke in the visuals: realistic and alien, tangible and ethereal. The song has such a peaceful quality I instantly imagined a place of harmonious escape like images of gentle lapping water and dreamy organ-like plants. Out of that came a kind of visceral world, where each thing in it was trying to mirror a human softness and duality."


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