Directed by
Dal Park

A Korean grandmother and German granddaughter's communication is tested by their cultural and historical differences.

West Question East Answer depicts the growing frustration and disconnection of a Korean grandmother and her German granddaughter while they try to communicate with each other. The girl is interested in the personal narratives of the grandmother and is looking for an intimate conversation to relate with her experiences better. The grandmother on the other hand doesn’t care for personal anecdotes and instead focuses on educating her granddaughter about historical facts that shaped her life. The gap between them becomes the focus of the film, how the gap is created and how it might shrink smaller.

West Question East Answer is Dal Park's interpretation of her own relationship with her grandmother, including original recordings documented during a visit to her house.

<< I am a second generation Korean who was born and raised in Germany. I belong to the Generation Y and have not been politically active. My grandmother on the other hand was born in North Korea during the Japanese Occupation. She experienced the Korea War, was a refugee in South Korea and later went to Germany to study literature where she experienced the German reunification. Her life has mostly been determined by political events. >>