Directed by
Angela Stempel

Entering a yoga class can become more than you bargained for.

California-based Venezuelan animator Angela Stempel has an undeniable sense of humour. In her second feature on GiF site, she turns her eye to 'harmless mind control' that we can often experience during yoga class.

The video follows a female protagonist who experiences a yoga class, as it gets progressively more out of her comfort zone. The class is lead by a large, featureless blue leader who guides his yogis with almost metaphysical authority. Over time, the woman gets sucked into this world of blind obedience, joining the ranks of her yoga peers.

'The concept of the video was inspired in part by the lyrics of the song, in which Renata battles an inner conflict between logic and her emotional voice', Angela explains. 'It was also greatly influenced by my experience at a neighbourhood yoga class in which I began to feel a similar conflict when asked to chant on along with the class. The gentle pressure to submit to the chanting, even though logic and a sense of awkwardness reminded me that I had no idea what the chants were actually saying. I felt like there was a darkness in that realisation that echoed some of the themes of the song, but also an absurdity that made it funny and left a lot of room to play with the animation.'

Wayside is the official music video for the Renata Zeiguer’s new single, which will be released in her upcoming album Old Ghost.


‍Angela Stempel: Wayside, Renata Zeiguer
‍Angela Stempel: Wayside, Renata Zeiguer
‍Angela Stempel: Wayside, Renata Zeiguer
‍Angela Stempel: Wayside, Renata Zeiguer