Directed by
Rosa Fisher

An exploration into the friendships that will enrich your life and make you happy.

Animator Rosa Fisher grew up in Lake District, north part of England, but moved to London to study Animation at Kingston university. In her films she uses observations from every day life to tell stories which are playful and engaging, but have underlying social criticisms. The deceptive simplicity is communicated through expressive drawing, visual metaphor and sound.

When School of Life approached her with the script by philosopher Alain De Botton, she immediately saw the fundamental thread running through it - that one needs a balance of types of people in their life in order to feel supported and content.

'I wanted an overarching metaphor to convey this, and the idea of puzzle pieces slotting together to form a harmonious, balanced shape seemed to sum things up. I also am a big fan of actually doing puzzles and so that probably inspired the idea a lot too!', says Rosa.

'I was slightly worried that the concept of the ‘proto friend’ in the film would lead people into thinking that this character represented them, and therefore they were disliked by people. I wanted to convey, in a way that would stay true to the narrative of the script, that the proto friend was just out of balance in this certain person’s life and not incompatible with everyone. In the end there is a puzzle piece on the table that would fit with the jaggedy shape of the proto friend showing that just because he doesn’t fit in this person’s life he is not doomed to be friendless! '

In the end, the film provided a journey of self-discovery for the filmmaker herself, thinking about her friendships and how they fit in her life, she came to an advise fit for everybody - nurture your puzzle pieces and don’t let the ones that don’t fit drag you down.

'The Purpose of Friendship', Rosa Fisher
‍'The Purpose of Friendship', Rosa Fisher
‍'The Purpose of Friendship', Rosa Fisher