Directed by
Kathryn Fergusson

In an era when the term feels hollow - what is the greatest luxury?

In an era of high-speed living, digital overload and people feeling stretched across various aspects of their lives, The Greatest Luxury looks at the importance of doing small things that make you feel good – those everyday luxuries that are more about self-worth than (as we often worry) being selfish. All three of the cast - artists Mykki Blanco, Holly Blakey and Gareth Pugh have created exceptional work, stayed true to their vision and how they live their lives. For that reason, director Kathryn Ferguson - resident director at Selfridges, who commissioned the work - wanted to go back to basics and find out how they felt about the word on a personal and emotional level.

Celebrating the concept of luxury as something that’s as individual as ourselves, The Greatest Luxury reclaims luxury as something personal, emotional and liberating.