Directed by
Milda Baginskaitė

A young immigrant searches for her own identity while fighting for recognition in a male-dominated class.


This year's winners of the 'Dr Marten x Girls In Film' film grant.

Winners: Pili Mili Films and their attached Director Milda Baginskaitė (Lithuanian born, Manchester based.)

Teddy is an identity-focused coming-of-age film, inspired by the cruel reality of teenage pressures to "fit in", whether in culture, class, style or sexuality, the film tells a story of a Lithuanian misfit searching for recognition amongst her British classmates. Its goal is to highlight the power of choice when shaping our own identity and join the conversation around the importance of liberating oneself from labels, especially at a young age.

Baginskaitė “When thinking about female strength, some badass misfit characters from history come to mind. Culture is complicated enough, navigating through it as a teenager has its own challenges. History has been written and rewritten. With “Teddy” I wanted to take these heavy themes and look at them through the eyes of a misfit teenager. I wanted her to find a piece of history she could find shelter in, at least for a little while.”