Directed by
Marcie Lacerte

A short animation for lonely girls in the summertime

Minneapolis College of Art and Design graduate Marcie La Certe made Summer of Love as her first non-commissioned short after moving to New York.

'The idea sort of came to me organically. I was inspired by summer weather (obviously) and the idea of a girl who was looking for a boyfriend. From those two kernels of ideas, the narrative sprung into place.'

I wanted to convey both atmosphere and feeling. Specifically, the atmosphere of summer (calm, windy, water-y) and the feeling of loneliness/isolation in a journey of self.'

The film is made as a sort of ode to all the lonely girls in the summertime. The lone character, dressed in a swimsuit (it gets really hot in NYC in summer in case you didn't know), walks with aim to make friends, unable to woo everyone that she comes upon. Finally finding a satisfaction in her own company.

'You don’t need a boyfriend, but it might be nice to go swimming or lay against a mountain. Love urself.'