Directed by
Amanda Eliasson

A vibrant visual poem that sheds light on the dark reality of drug addiction

Snow White Cologne is a visual poem from animator Amanda Eliasson, made as an ode to her sister who had a drug addiction as a teenager. The vivid and bold colours give the animation a playful quality in contrast to the quite difficult social subjects the animator addresses in the film. Eliasson set out to tell her sister’s story in a non-judgemental way, tackling the subject in a poetic and emotional manner rather than giving straight, clinical facts about the disease.

Eliasson writes ‘this film was kind of therapeutic to me as it made me post-rationalise everything she went through at the time of her boyfriends death. There's love and loss, good and bad.'

The film’s rough-around-the-edges feel is thanks to her decision to hand-paint all 3047 frames with acrylic paint. She adds: ‘all my favourite animations are hand made. I think I’m drawn to the tactile outcomes that happen when working with hand-generated materials. As Snow White Cologne is my graduation film I knew I had to push myself a bit harder than normal, so to paint more than three thousand frames seemed like a good idea at the time, but there was more than one time I wished that I would have gone with a less time consuming method of working.’