Directed by
Grace Zhang

Stuck in a humdrum job at her father’s Chinese restaurant, Penny develops a mysterious rash and slowly realizes what her parents are hiding from her.

Grace Zhang is an asian-american filmmaker from New York. Snakeskin is a small tale exploring a family dynamic when tensions arise.

Zhang << In Snakeskin, I wanted to capture the experience of being a teenager and caught in between the stages of ignorance and awareness. A large part of my emotional understanding of my family comes from observing their unspoken communication and piecing together overheard conversations as a passive onlooker.

Like Penny experiencing a rash over the course of the night, I often find that my body understands certain things before my mind does, manifesting stress in the form of nosebleeds, rashes, and hives. While I drew inspiration from Asian films, I wanted this film to be distinctively Asian-American. Although dialogue between characters is in both English and Mandarin, the most meaningful exchanges in the film are left unspoken. >>