Directed by
Jade Jackman

Hanger's AW18 fashion film featuring cultic influences and Japanese tea ceremonies

The Temple of Sleepy Chan is filmmaker Jade Jackman’s collaboration with Japanese-British latex fashion brand, Hanger. Founder Claire Yurika Davis draws on her childhood as part of The Moonies, Japanese tea ceremonies, and The Matrix for her AW18 collection. The clothes are mirrored in the color-coded rooms and otherworldly interiors of the Temple: a place that is both timeless and infinite, allowing the visitor to relax from the heady pace of modern life.

Jackman explains: “You can’t think about time while in the Temple. Given how constantly connected and engaged we are, I wanted to allude to how this state cannot last. So, eventually, a model will arrive—notifying you that it’s your time to leave the Temple of Sleepy Chan.”