Directed by
Stella Asia Consonni

Raising awareness for men's mental health.

London based Photographer and Director Stella Asia Consonni follows a group of skaters as a male voice narrates us through what he feels.

Consonni <<The film wants to be a liberating piece, rooted in the skateboarding culture, where introspection and feelings of dejection are transformed into raw youthful energy.
The idea is to explore the tender and vulnerable side of young men that dedicate their life to skateboarding, in contrast with their lifestyle that requires them to be and act tough at all times.
The piece is aimed to raise awareness about men’s mental health, in particular in relation to skateboarding, where frequently toxic masculinity prevents men of all ages to show fears and vulnerabilities.
On average 84 men take their own lives in the UK every week - I want this project to be an intimate look on how we get men to open up difficult conversations that so need to happen. >>