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Fictitious digital world that borrows from nature.

The title Prosomiosis is the word for 'simulation' in Greek. This digital art film features 3D rendered animated scenes that create a fictitious digital environment inspired by geometries and patterns found in nature - fractals, wing motion, liquid flow - re-presented as fragments of a virtual ecosystem. Its author Eva Papamargariti, built on her studies as architecture and visual communication student and created captivating visual worlds in digital landscape - for Prosomiosis, this inspiration came directly from nature - patterns and rhythms that exist in the natural world, re-contextualised and embedded back into the digital, altered and abstract, as if passed through a distortion lens.

The shapes and sounds of nature were particularly chosen to create an eerie and familiar feeling while still retaining its abstractness.

'I like the notion of  nature's materiality and how it can be translated and become something quite abstract, a construction of many parameters; for example a leaf represented by its motion rather than its texture and colour. How a natural ecosystem turns into a constructed virtual one that contains information about its elements manifesting through objects, shapes and motion. (For example)...the sound of wind and the 'crunchy' sound of dry fallen leaves when you step on them, something that manifests nature but is getting triggered by a human action.

The film was created in two versions - the one here features sounds by Papamargariti - abstract, ambient and slow soundscape. Another version was created for The Language of Dreams exhibition in Hoxton Gallery where the soundscape was provided by musician Forest Swords, you can view it here.