Directed by
Amirah Tajdin

A modern-day enchantress crafts a love potion in this bewitching fashion film for Faissal El Malak

Amirah Tajdin's 'Persimmons & Potions' is 'a celebration of a woman’s 
deep rooted sense of what it means to love, be loved and create love while remaining true to her sense self'. The Kenyan born artist and filmmaker depicts contemporary witchcraft in this fashion film for Faissal El Malak's Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Echoic Memory. An enchantress attempts to craft a love potion at home,
 while trying not to get distracted by her own thoughts which see her pacing around the house and indulging in summer fruits. Combining persimmons,
 pomegranates, blood oranges and frankincense with the setting of a suite on the 27th floor of a contemporary apartment block, the film asks: what does it mean to be a witch in the modern world? 

Fashion films provide a freedom that I truly enjoy. Faissal, a dear friend, and designer asked me to come up with something for his SS18 collection and so, Persimmons & Potions was born. He gave me full creative license and I felt this story line embodied the sticky charm of summer and the old world meets modern minimalism that his work speaks to. The film touches on themes I often find myself exploring - confidently charming misfits and love songs.