Directed by
Anne Breymann

At night the forest creatures gather to gamble, putting their innermost at stake.

Berlin based filmmaker Anne Breymann studied at Kassel School of Art and Design, her impetus is towards creating miniature worlds in the shape of animated films, dioramas and 3-dimensional illustrations.

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''The story and characters developed simultaneously and very intuitively. In the beginning I had more an atmosphere in mind than a plot, like in a dream. One of my inspirations was human interaction and the 'masks' we wear in our everyday lives. There is no specific message I want to convey, I prefer to leave room for interpretation. My favourite films are those that make me think and feel without the need to explain everything.

For the characters I took inspiration from animals, medieval bestiaries, and masks from various cultures. I wanted each of the creatures to somehow have more than one face, hidden or only visible at second sight. They're made of wire, foam, acrylic, paper, and other materials. I like experimenting with textures, for one of the puppets I made molds from real leaves and cast them in latex.

The characters are animated in stop motion, meaning that I slightly move each puppet frame by frame, shooting twelve pictures for one second of film. Most of the time I worked on my own, but I had a great little team for sound, music and lighting. The abstract visuals were created by Nikki Schuster. She animated them in a different technique, by digitally assembling photographs of minerals and plants, to make them appear more spiritual in contrast to the physical stop motion puppets.''