Directed by
Jenny Wright

Motherhood and loss in an abstracted world of childhood memory.

Jenny Wright is a 2018 graduate from MA Character Animation at Central Saint Martins. Using 2D hand-drawn animation and an emphasis on movement, line and story Wright aims to create simplistic yet moving storytelling. This piece is a tribute to her Mother.

Jenny Wright << I poured a lot of emotional energy into this film because I was grieving at the same time as making a film about the person I had lost. It taught me that if you focus on putting across a certain emotion or idea into a story then people feel it when they watch it. A lot of people watched it at many stages before it was finished and being open to criticism really helped the process. It allowed me to figure out whether an audience was understanding what I needed them to. That said, I am happy for people to interpret and take away from the story as they wish. >>