Directed by
Annapurna Kumar

Experimental animation inspired by hard drive prototypes.

For LA-based visual artist and experimental animator Annapurna Kumar, creation of her latest piece Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic unpredictably started with a fascination she had with hard drive prototypes.

Small pieces of information can be housed separately within a shared container. The most efficient containers can house multiple pieces of information in the same location by allowing them to intersect from different angles.

'They were supposed to be the most efficient and dependable hard drives ever made. They functioned by following the model of how holograms are made. Then I read about how some neuroscientists believe that the human brain also functions in a way that is analogous to a hologram. I started building the film off of this research, thinking about storage containers for memories or information that function through the intersection of waves, and which can withstand a partial loss of volume while still retaining the whole of the information. It also kind of accidentally turned into an environmental film.'

With the repetitiveness of nature theme, it is hard to avoid the environmental awareness after watching the film. So don't forget - slice up your plastic waste into strips before you throw it out, so that fish don't get stuck in it.