Directed by
Mimi Koku

The anxieties of a 17 year old girl evolve into a sinister presence.

Nigerian-born filmmaker Mimi Koku debut film Mosquito is an experimental and psychological short film following Sage, a 17 year old girl struggling with anxiety.

Sage is a quiet teenager, lacking in confidence and the ability to properly express her feelings. We meet her at a point where she is anxious about the next stage of her life: university. 'Mosquito' as a metaphor represents how people's worries and fears, combined with increased isolation from others, and suppression of our feelings, can create even bigger monsters. At its core, this film's intention is to provoke open discussion about the things that may darkly colour our minds.

Koku<< It was especially important to me that the film encouraged this discussion amongst (and relating to) young women - and young women of colour. It is no secret that the topic of mental-health (or mental ill-health) is a taboo one within black and brown or African communities. Thematically and stylistically, I wanted to play around with this fear and the demonisation of such things.

Ultimately, my wish is that this film will inspire conversation and introspection. I will also use this opportunity to emphasise that if you are struggling, I encourage you to reach out to someone rather than internalising that pain. I am immensely grateful to the cast, the crew - and the entire team who worked tirelessly to bring this project to life. Finally, for the best viewing experience, I encourage that this film is watched with all the lights off. Thank you and enjoy! >>