Directed by
Runyararo Mapfumo

Comedy short about a group of young men trying to interpret their friends art

Four young men attend a private viewing at an exhibition. They are there to support and celebrate their friend’s academic and creative success in his Modern & Contemporary Arts MA. When the graduate artist Simbai  leaves the room before revealing his work to his friends, they find his prize winning masterpiece and are left to observe, and deconstruct Simbai’s artwork. But –what the hell is it?

It's a black boy magic that we don't often see on the screens as attested by the director Runyararo Mapfumo:

I wanted to tell a story that depicts brotherhood and interaction between young black men as I’ve seen countless times in life and not very often on film; having fun, challenging each other and being in a creative space. Between the banter, there are moments injected that reflect the realness and challenges of today's society, particularly in London.