Directed by
Basak Erol

Intimate confessions of a young couple in love

When LA-based director Basak Erol was approached by MTV to create a promo film about a new show about sex and relationships, she knew exactly what she had in mind for that. Originally from Turkey, where creative jobs are still not taken very seriously, Basak moved into to LA to study and pursue film career which after interning and doing short films with her friends eventually paid off.

Basak is driven by her own feelings behind stories for her films, so for MEŞK, she dove into her very recent memory of ended relationship - one that was very much centred around sexual attraction. 'So when I was asked to make a film about teenage relationships and sexuality, I felt that it was good timing. I knew exactly how infatuation felt like and it was an interesting challenge to tell such an abstract feeling visually and audibly.' 

The film portrays the theme of sex and feelings in very elegant, tongue-in-cheek way, working with a real couple that Basak interviewed separately, using their intimate confessions to drive the narrative.