Directed by
Chloe Feinberg

A woman's mythological journey into a dystopian world.

We are proud to premiere Chloe Feinberg's Love Soldiers - a hand drawn digitally composited animation that references imagery from the late 70's to early 90's, like perfume adverts and cop movies. 

Soundtracked by One Othrix Point Never, the otherworldly dark track underscores the journey of beautiful woman and her mythological encounters with some very familiar faces.

'I originally intended to make some kind of porno cartoon but it ended up being quite different, like a piece of fan art that is actually quite sad. At the time I was looking at a lot of outsider artists and animators who explore interior psychic spaces.'

I originally intended to make some kind of porno cartoon but it ended up being quite different.

I believe in individual exploration of nostalgia as a critique of capitalism, in excavating our own personal underworld and often a deep confusion and ambivalence to images from pop culture. In this way I see my work as having an affinity to Vaporwave aesthetics, (a sub genre of music and art started in the early 2010's by internet communities) which appropriates imagery from advertising, entertainment and early computer technology, often investing it with a personal sense of longing, while still observing the absurdity of being trapped in a model of consumption that promises to fulfil our deepest needs, while at the same time creating a hole that can never be filled.I am interested in exploring hypnogogic spaces and the logic of dreams, how concrete reality can be reconfigured and processed in surprising and infinite ways by the unconscious.'