Directed by
Mathilde Nocquet

In this salute to 1950s prom nights, two teenagers are about to go on wild ride of love

Mathilde Nocquette (or to her friends La Nocquette) has a very distinctively sassy, chic and a little wacky signature style with a lot of French retro flair. She cut her teeth on working with prestigious brands in Paris but it was after moving to Sydney when she developed her ideas further, shooting a multi-award winning web series and other content, all under moniker 'La Nocquette'.

Going along her established aesthetic, Love Road portrays one of the most hyped up events of our young lives - making love for the first time. During a high school prom night two teenagers snuck away from the party to hang out in the car. Suddenly they are shot off to a wacky world, riding on the wheels of love. We see a lot of references to teenage movies set in the past, like Grease, Lovebaby and even Christine.

I wanted to create a fantasy world where everything is possible and symbolise each step of love making.

'I felt that the best place to stage the story was in 50s/60s period in reference to old teenage American movies. Because we all have cliches in mind from these films where teenagers make love in cars. The setting provided an innocent retro look to the film mixed with a bit of sex appeal.'

We see the first kiss, the car is transported into the middle of dramatically lit dance floor. From then I wanted to play with the symbolic innuendos of each step to create quirky moments between the teenagers and the car.