Directed by
Reka Bucsi

Three stories of affection in faraway lands.

Réka Bucsi is a hungarian independent animation filmmaker. She received her BFA and MFA at the animation department of ​Moholy­-​Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.

Nominated for best short film at the European Film Awards 2017, LOVE describes affection in 3 different chapters affected by an impact of a distant solar system. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the change in atmosphere on one planet as gravity and light intensifies. As this one planet pulses with energy, its inhabitants find themselves joining with another, becoming one.

Hungarian animation filmmaker Réka Bucsi <<I remember wanting to make a movie about love, but I didn’t want to portray it through a couple of characters, but more in general through atmosphere, and a tactile environment that would give the audience a sort of sensation for the feeling of longing, love and solitude.

I chose animals and creatures, which were the most interesting for me at that time, and which were appearing the most in my sketchbook. It's interesting how by just placing anything on a screen, it becomes a symbol for something else. It’s a challenge to try and take something for what it actually is.

I read very poetic descriptions, but also listened to quite scientific talks about love. It is interesting how different people think about this feeling. Religion, science and cultural differences define the purpose and the heritage of love in so many different ways, even though it is based on such a common experience. Love seems to be a mystical phenomenon, that can be described by everyone in almost the same way, without using any words, still almost everyone seems to seek the meaning and the mechanism of it. >>