Directed by
Irune Arancibia

Rosa and Blanca, a woman and her daughter that live on the shore of Veracruz, Mexico and face the adversities of hurricane Andrea.

Líspidos is the first film of the mexican director Irune Arancibia, where she explores the innocence of a loving mother-daughter relationship: Rosa and Blanca are the two characters in this story of family support, and as they face a challenging situation, Blanca lets go of her childhood to be a companion to her mother.

Arancibia "Everything about this short film was a challenging experience, since it's my first script and first time as a director, just as the crew and the cast; we all were there to learn and give the best of us. None of the cast were actresses or actors, I met Zenaida and her daughter Yosune (they are the protagonist of the story) a long time ago and I decided that Yosune was perfect to play Blanca, because of her confidence and playfulness, and I chose to portray the real relationship they have as mother-daughter. So from there, the process was different.

I tried to pay attention to the bond we were creating, and tried my best for Zenaida to trust me as her director. That's why six months before the shooting we went to a beach called Chachalacas in Veracruz so Zenaida could meet the beach and the sea for the first time, and she could relate more with Rosa's life and the fiction she was about to play.

I was lucky enough to work with a fearless crew, as I said, we were all learning in this process, and even tho we shot the whole short film in only three days, with a very little amount of sleep, and a really hot weather, they were always up to keep working and trusting me. They really made me believe this was possible. While we were shooting, we had some inconvenient with the cast and they decided they didn't wanted to keep shooting, and even tho we were only three scenes away from finishing the script we had to respect their decision, so that made a very interesting and exciting post production process, because I had to figure out how to tell the story with what we had, and at the end I'm really really happy with how things turned out and I think Líspidos it's a really rounded and well done short film.
At the end it wouldn't be possible for me to tell this story without the loving crew and the trustfull cast, I love Líspidos as my first experience shooting something I wrote, I'm really excited to keep on creating and learning in the process."