Directed by
Chloe Atkas

After a devastating break-up, Lance listens to instructional cassette tapes on how to heal his broken heart.

Using no dialogue, the short and surreal narrative Lance tells the story of a break-up from beginning to end. North Carolina filmmaker Chloé Aktas met the star of the short, Lance Jeffries in an acting class in Charlotte, North Carolina and wanted to make a project he could star in. The pair never expected that a year later they would find themselves celebrating the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Lance is a curious take on self-help, and one's ability to be pragmatic and mathematical towards heartbreak.

Atkas "Lance (in a Neck Brace) explores our impatience with the healing process. We have become accustomed to life giving us everything we need at a rapid speed that we expect the same fast results from healing. Healing is a messy, complicated, slow process. We want to fast forward to the end, but it's in the middle where we found out what we are made of. We filmed the short over the course of two days in North Carolina. It was one of the most chillest, fun sets I've ever worked on. I'm really proud of what we were able to accomplish with a desk, some tapes, and a neck brace."