Directed by
Kaj Jefferies

A poetic snapshot of a motorcycle taxi boy in Bangkok

Kaj Jeffries is a young filmmaker based in London. During her trip to Bangkok, she met a motorcycle taxi driver who inspired her to delve deeper into the often ignored every day life of Thai working class men.

Blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality, the poetic account is a journey into another person's reality, we learn more about this boy, his bike, and his perceptions. 

'In November I went to Bangkok with my friend Lucas to shoot a music video for a Japanese band. The quickest and cheapest way you can get around in Bangkok is to jump on the back of a motorcycle, guys sitting in the shade waiting to take you wherever. Always with my cameras in tow I just began documenting them, Bangkok is a fucking cool city and the people are super friendly, so was easy to chat to people, especially the guys I was riding with. 

'I shoot pretty much fully analogue - stills and film, it feels raw and honest. So for me its a personal preference, my first camera was 35mm and when I was sixteen I learnt how to process in the darkroom, so it has been a part of my practise since the very beginning. I actually never bought a proper digital camera until last year, I just really love the process of film - the unexpected mistakes and imperfections that come with it. Much more compelling from my point of view and is something that I will always engage with.'