Directed by
Stroma Cairns

A silent immersive tale of a personal bond between two twin teenage brothers with hearing impairments.

After months of fighting and no communication, two teenage twin brothers come together to spend a day in Canvey Island. The brothers have a unique connection and shared passion for bikes. Whilst both being born with a hearing loss they have experienced challenging situations. Today marks a fresh start for the boys, with Lewis being a new father and Conner putting family first.

Stroma Cairns, "Having grown up with a hearing loss and recently claiming back some pride to wearing my hearing aids, I became really interested in the representation of deafness in film.

I felt a lot of films were quite negative or victimising towards deafness, I wanted to show it in a light way. A deaf person can do anything except hear, it doesn’t need to be the focus of their lives. A teacher at my school once said to me I couldn’t do drama because I couldn’t hear, Lewis and Connor are a perfect example against this. "