Directed by
Nur Casadevall

A mermaid takes control of the negative archetype that history has judged her by,

Featured on Vogue.Es How to be a Mermaid is directly inspired from The Phantom Of The Opera, by Gastón Leroux. Within the opera sirens are mythical dark creatures, with the bust of a woman and the body of a bird or fish that misled navigators with their song. "One piece of advice, sir, never go near the lake ... And above all, cover your ears if you hear the voice of the siren under water," they became a negative archetype of a feminine creature. Director Nur Casadevall (Barcelona, ​​1990) and photographer Berta Pfirsich (Barcelona, ​​1988) wanted to subvert this patriarchal view.

Casadevall, <<I must confess that, since I was little, I had a certain obsession with sirens. I dreamed of being one. But when I was old enough to start reading certain books - The Odyssey , for example - I realized that these were not idyllic beings, but true manipulators. This video is a tribute to what the sirens meant to me before I grew up. I do not think I'm the only girl who thinks this ...>>

The piece is supported on three pillars . "I think that humor is a good resource to say what you want in a free-spirited way. In terms of aesthetics , I wanted to give a different and contemporary touch to the universe that usually surrounds the sirens, which either has a Kitsch flavor of souvenir , or leans towards the classic through paintings and sculptures. To finish, the feminist demand was present in the form of an experiment: the idea was to explain with a comic touch the absurdity that some stories and values ​​that are attributed to different roles may seem. "