Directed by
Laura Jayne

Two drunk friends accidentally walk into a crime scene.

Hot and Tasty is filmmaker Laura Jayne's Royal College of Art's graduation film. It follows two drunk girls and their tumultuous, comedic relationship, from each other crowing love to jealousy, and back to love. Encapsulating the speedy changing rings of drunk emotion.

Naturally, they come across an open takeaway. Inside the takeaway, two bird like men are standing behind the counter looking suspicious. There’s a body hidden on the counter and blood on floor.
Consistently on the edge of being caught, the bird-men fumble their way around the kitchen trying to make the food and keep up appearances. Meanwhile, the girls are completely oblivious as they are distracted by their own drunk conversation.

Laura Jayne << The idea came from wanting to make a film that explored a British night out from the perspective of young women. A takeaway always felt like a surreal space to enter at this time, especially because of the bright fluorescent lights, kitschy decor and unfortunate vendors having to deal with an intoxicated crowd. Initially I wanted to push the contrast of showing glamorously dressed girls ending their night in quite a crappy looking place. Which ended up leading to quite an extreme of having the dead body on the counter. I liked the idea of these oblivious drunk girls so focused on their own bullshit that they don’t even notice what’s happening around them.
I recorded the voice actors before really planning any of the shots, which allowed me to work more naturally in deciding character movement and placement. I think I managed to find a nice mix between having it scripted as well as getting my voice actors to improvise certain parts so it came across more naturally. >>