Directed by
Jamie Wolfe

Changing times' motifs for those who dissociate.

Hollis' debut single Sedative springs off her background as a Grammy nominated vocalist and songwriter. Hollis' collaboration with Jamie Wolfe, LA based animator, looks at existential motifs to summarise our current state of world.

Alongside her music, Hollis is a Google Next Gen Policy Leader and is a frequent featured speaker on the intersection of art, activism, and empowered creativity. Hollis' song’s refrain -- “this life is gonna kill ya/after all” -- embodies the tension of being alive as this harrowing decade comes to a close.

Wolfe takes this sentiment and envelops it in a psychedelic motif of flowers that sway and wilt, fragile floret-figures that twirl, and autumnal hues that suggest a change in time.

Hollis << [the song is an] anthem for those who disassociate. >>