Directed by
Daria Geller

An anti valentine Russian story that takes its footing on the thin line between love & hate; a classical singer and her husband/ manager travel the road together.

A modern interpretation of He & She, a short story consisting of letters between two lovers written
by Anton Chekhov in the 19th century, Him & Her illustrates how the way we love hasn’t changed
over the years. Directed by Moscow raised, Paris/ Tel Aviv based filmmaker Daria Geller, Him & Her questions the nature of love - an anti fairy tale
offering a more realistic depiction of relationships. A tale of love and hate, the short film explores
toxic dynamics which, though they don’t fit into society’s expectations of romance, can form an
intrinsic part of love. In an unfortunate paradox, only with the ones that we truly love do we feel comfortable enough to show the worst of ourselves.

Him & Her explores how when we love most of our time is spent dealing with mundane tasks,
waiting for those rare moments of love for which we are willing to go through anything. In the film
this is shown when the female lead goes on stage to perform, as this is the moment her lover falls
in love all over again. We never hear her sing as nothing in the world could ever be as beautiful as
the way he hears her voice. Similarly, though she performs to an audience, she relishes in being
adored by him. With every scene gradually turning redder and redder as we approach the moment
of her being on stage, they are both fully aware that as soon as the performance is over and they
return to their rooms everything will go back to being grey.

The film is an ode to Russia’s somber and melancholic aesthetic. Him & Her is set across three distinct locations picked for their clear Soviet design: Hotel Che, Hotel Uzkoe and the Central House of Architecture. The Russian identity is equally felt through the lack of dialogue, something which would normally fill a relationship. Unable to openly talk during the Soviet Union, communicating without speaking and focusing on the unsaid has now become part of the Russian way of living.

Director: Daria Geller (@daria.geller)
Script: Asia Fix, Daria Geller
Producers: Yuval Orr, Daria Geller
Executive Producer: Iftach Aloni
Line Producer: Yana Kurbatova

Him: Evgeniy Kharitonov
Her: Miriam Sekhon (@magoga)
Nadya: Anna Bochalova
Alexey: Evgeniy Shwartz (@evgeny_shwartz)
Sveta: Irina Nosova (@irinanosova)
Driver: Alexandr Tumbler

Cinematographer: Daria Geller
Edit: Daria Geller, Efim Graboy (@efim_graboy)
Costumes: Alexandra Kaminer (@sashakaminer)
Art Director: Alexandra Smirnova

Art Director Assistant: Ilya Smirnov
Props Master: Danila Shatrov
Production Manager: Alexey Kudrik (@alexey_kudrik)
Music: Roi Keidar
Closing Song: Anna Pinskaya with Leonhard Kuhn, Marina Rojkova. Lyrics by Marina Tsvetaeva
Makeup Artist: Alisa Bo
Makeup Assistant: Olya Boogie (@boogie_makeup)
1st Assistant Director: Yana Vasilik
2nd Assistant Director: Varvara Bialik
Gaffer: Dmitriy startakov
Light assistants: Roman Anshpugov, Igor Astakov
1ac /Cameraman: Michael Dementyev
1ac / Cameraman: Artem Burko (@temaburko)
1ac: Anna Patarakina (@patarakina)
Cameraman: Evegniy Kozlov
Cameraman: Yan Yasinskiy (yan.dop)
Camera Mechanic: Alexander Samoylov
Sound Recordist: Dmitriy Zakharov
Sound Recordist Assistant: Evgenii Grishin
Sound Director: Anton Levkin
Color Correction: Dmitry Litvinov (@litvinovdimaa)