Directed by
Courtois, Jalabert, Plat and Raigneau

An afternoon at the pool.

French animator foursome Héloïse Courtois, Victori Jalabert, Chloé Plat and Adèle Raigneau made this fun, bold, cubic figured animation for their final project at French school MoPA.

Funny moments and segue ways that come in the form of flying ginger toupees dot the piece with body humility and sensitivity in what can otherwise be a self conscious setting.

Without dialogue the animators decided their focus was to"make the bodies talk" and "exaggerate the movements of each character.

The four <<Some of our group used to go to the pool and observe many fun and unique situations there.

As a public space it’s fascinating, as you find yourself nearly naked in front of lots of people you don’t know.

All of these situations are specific to this place. We also liked the idea of focusing on a swimming pool because it can be a cold and sanitised space through its architectural rigour, but also all the sounds are amplified.>>