Good Intentions

Directed by
Anna Malin Mantzaris

In this animated thriller, a young woman becomes consumed with guilt after being responsible for a car accident - and things begin to get spooky....

In this small thriller about decision making and guilt, a young woman is responsible for a car accident. She escapes the scene but can’t stop imagining what happened to the other driver. Soon strange things start to happen…

This film was made in stop motion technique, and animation artist Anna Mantzaris made the film as her graduation film at the Royal College of Art. Each puppet is moved, taken a still picture of, moved, new picture etc. After 24 photos you have one second of film.

Mantzaris "For this film I wanted to try to make something more thriller or ghost story like, and a bit more surreal and ambiguous in the story. I really liked the idea of guilt taking over you and almost eating you up. Even if the situation in the film is a bit more extreme - she drove off and doesn’t know how it went for the other driver after the accident, and she starts imagining and seeing him in different situations. I still think many can relate to the feeling of feeling really guilty about something and getting a bit consumed about it, and almost a bit paranoid like we think other people know what we did. But maybe in the end the other person turned out to already have forgotten about it, or moved on."