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Films by Czech & Slovak filmmakers curated by our sister branch GiF Prague

Girls in Film Prague have put out a call for local filmmakers to submit their films they have available online - we are happy to introduce that list to you now, in times that we all face existential, psychological, health and other challenges. We just want to say that it’s ok not to write that new script, or to read all those books you have put aside for when you’ll have time, or to reorganise your entire apartment. It’s actually totally fine to do nothing and let your mind sort through things on its own.

We are hoping that these films will make you think, will entertain you and will serve as inspiration for when you feel like creating something new. In the meantime, we will continue our support of the upcoming talent, waiting patiently for the new films to come!


Animated film directed by Diana Cam Van Nguyen

Holiday at the Seaside

Short film directed by Cristina Grosan


Experimental film directed by Lea Petříková

Karen Says

Web series directed by Jana Patočková + Hannah Saleh

Magic Moments

Short film directed by Martina Buchelová

An Absence of Reciprocity in Vulnerability, Losses and Risks

Documentary short directed by Adéla Komrzý