Directed by
Studio Desk

90 animators from around the world depict little experiences from their lives during the pandemic.

Kathrin Steinbacher and Emily Downe aka Studio Desk met studying at RCA in London, and have now initiated their own (and as far as they know the only) female animation studio in London. With the devastating arrival of corona times the team decided to harness their new studio energy and bring about some positivity. They put a call out to animators from around the world to submit animations up to 15 seconds long depicting something they have experienced, seen, or thought in the midst of this strange time. They received over 140 responses and 90 finished animation submissions. With such a huge unexpected return Studio Desk decided to divide them up into three sections - this is part two.

Studio Desk << The first film worked really well as a rhythmic upbeat, quirky, percussion/acapella style with the clips. This second film in its tone is a little “weirder”. While the first film takes us through the motivation to keep each other positive, this film shows the comical side to the roller-coaster ride or emotions, the weird things we end up doing and generally going a bit crazy.

A lot of us right now are confined to one space and it could be quite uninteresting and repetitive, but through animation you can be transported anywhere and you can re-imagine the space you are in.  Animation also in itself is expressive and so the (70+) animators telling their stories can tell you not only what lockdown looks like for them, but what it feels like.  They can make their plants talk, or humans turn into dogs, travel to the mountains, or imagine what it would be like to shave their hair off.  The audience gets to see a little of the animator’s internal thoughts and experiences where a camera would just show them sitting in their bedroom. Also not to mention the great thing about animation is you can make a film from indoors, which unfortunately a lot of live action crew are unable to do at the moment. >>

The biggest challenge.

The challenge was trying to make it work as a whole series of three films. Initially we were planning on making one film and were completely overwhelmed with the amount of submissions - something we never expected.

That's the reason why we decided to make a series of 3 films in total which we will release within a
break of 1-2 weeks in between. Our sound Designers Jan Willem de With and Phil Brookes did a great job tying the clips together though.

The highlight was to connect with other filmmakers from around the world. This is was a wonderful opportunity for us to find new amazing talents, especially now that we have just started our own studio (studio desk animation). It really is a celebration of a wonderful and diverse industry and we want to celebrate collaboration and show that supporting each other in this industry is so important, especially in more difficult times.


Studio Desk
Kathrin Steinbacher & Emily Downe

Music & Sound Design By
Phil Brookes

Additional Animation/Direction:
(Clips in order)

Animation: Olga Makarchuk

Animation & Sound: Klaas Verplancke (Art) & Arevik d'Or (Animation)

00:27- 00:30
Animation: Rohit Karandadi

00:30- 00:40
Animation & Sound Kamila Szewczuk

00:40- 00:54
Animation: Sam Lane
Sound: Wolf Woodcock

00.54 - 01:02
Animation: Luke Frangeskou

Animation: Sanjana Chandrasekhar

Animation: Faustine Berhault

Animation & Sound Kamila Szewczuk

Animation: Tetiana Kurbatova

Animation: Charlotte Cambon
Sound: Flavien Van Haezevelde, Studio BOOM

Animation & Sound: Julia Jesionek (vulva)

Animation: Capucine Gougelet

Animation & Sound: Anna Lena Spring

Animation: Katy Daft

Animation: Girls in Motion

Animation: Martha Halliday

Animation: Olive Lagace

Animation: Omar Zine Eddine El Idrissi

Animation: Chiara Sgatti

Animation: Anna Chwal

Animation: Emilia Voltti

Animation: Hana Tintor

Animation: Alara Kara

Animation: Daria Zadecka

Animation: Emmie Thompson

Animation: Sundeep Toor

Animation: Matti Vesanen

Animation: Zootghost
Sound: Sam Perkin

Animation: Kathrin Steinbacher

Animation: Zohar Dvir