Directed by
Eren Gülfidan

Under one roof, the bond between three sisters is put to the test when an unwelcome boyfriend hits it off with their Alzheimer's-stricken grandmother.

Istanbul-born, New York-based filmmaker Eren Gülfidan's short film Evening News, a comedy-drama, looks into the bond between three sisters and how it is tested throughout one evening spent with their grandmother who battles with Alzheimer's disease. The film explores the themes of sisterhood, family, dependency, jealousy, and loss. The sisters' own relationship issues with various romantic affairs get wound up and convoluted in their shared home, adding to the dynamics that already exist. And in one encapsulating moment, the image of one sister's boyfriend comically eating pickles with their grandmother in the kitchen makes another sister's anxieties flare up, and so the saga continues...

Gülfidan << I have always been drawn to stories about The Rule of Three (the number three signifying harmony, completeness, and perfection). Being one of three sisters myself, I’m quite familiar with the dynamics of this equation. I wanted to tell a story about a family of women—what pushes them apart, what brings them together, and how they cope with the realities of Alzheimer’s disease. I was lucky to work with a cast that quickly bonded and felt like family, making the experience of telling this story all the more natural. >>

Eight percent of the proceeds from the film’s crowdfunding campaign was donated to the Alzheimer’s Association in the US and in Turkey. The film features Golden Globe winning actress Jill Eikenberry and is scored by Andrew Dickson, a frequent collaborator of filmmaker Mike Leigh.