Directed by
Anna Malin Mantzaris

A short animation for when those gloomy everyday moments just make you wanna...

When filmmaker Anna Mantzaris came to London to study at RA she brought with her a visual style inspired by that of Roy Andersson's as well as a building concept for what would eventually be Enough, a hilarious deadpan view on "emotional anarchy".

"In retrospect I think the biggest inspiration was moving to London. I knew I wanted to do something about having enough or someone rebelling but I couldn’t quite find the right story – I just had many different small ideas. At the same time, I moved to London which is quite crowded,  the morning tube felt so stuffed and there was an almost sort of irritation in the air. There were also many people in suits that looked uncomfortable. I started to imagine what these people really wanted to do, if they could act however they wanted. Finally, this came together as an idea of many moments where people have just had enough and do what they want, as a glimpse of emotional anarchy. "

Th film was created in about five months, including a break where Mantzaris worked on a Wes Anderson film Isle of Dogs.