Cuckoo Chick

Directed by
Precious Wura Alabi

Genesis struggles to maintain her facade of strength when her mother flies away from the continent for good.

British born actress and writer Precious Wura Alabi has her directorial debut in a film entirely shot on an iPhone. It follows two girls Genesis and Phyl in real time over a day that follows the departure of Genesis' mother, who is returning to Nigeria for good. The unprecedented state of independence and adulthood leaves Genesis running from her worries to an adventure with her best friend. The girls travel from Essex to London. After a day of chatting shit, drinking and getting nowhere, the weight of the unspoken loss hits hard, forcing Genesis to retreat from her best friend as she struggles to find vocalize her issues.

Precious Wura Alabi "When we go on socials, we are presented with a curation of orchestrated, performative versions of people’s lives. When we look at our loved ones, often it can be the same- seeing only what they let us or, only what we want to see. I wanted to tell a story that meanders through fragments of a day in these black British girls' lives; glancing at their relationship, their disconnect, how they navigate through the world and coping with things left unsaid. The overarching story of dealing with loss and change ultimately pushing the journey of the piece but performing almost in the background- a reflection of life under the burdens of attempting to be 'strong'. Shot entirely on a handheld iPhone in single shots across a day and cut down into snapshots over a landscape of manicured pockets of concrete London symphonised by epic UK independent music. This short film has been my first exploration into directing and editing for film and I hope you enjoy watching what we’ve created on this no-budget project with an amazing all-female team."