Directed by
Martina Scarpelli

What comes before the smallest possible part of the universe?

What was it like, before the birth of the universe? Does reality exists just because we are able to perceive it? A girl searches for an answer to the big questions. In doing this, she imagines she can empty the universe to get to the very first portion of the cosmos. And so she finds herself alone, with the smallest part of the universe – just a point. Facing this last part of the world she is forced to choose whether to consider itself as part of the cosmos or as its creator. Looking at that small point, she stops and asks herself: shall I destroy myself ? Shall I destroy the universe?

Martina Scarpelli's graduation film asks big questions.

'To imagine an empty reality is purely intellectual, but it hit me. You can’t demonstrate it in a lab, but you can tell it for sure with pictures, and animation is a powerful tool. 

That’s why this film. In my logic “emptying the world” is physically possible!'

The same happens to the protagonist of my film, between her and the achievement of its goal interposes her real humanity. Her “somethingness”. Think of herself as what to delete, allows her to understand that in the end, she will never know.'