Directed by
Beth Fletcher

Haunted by the undead, Anna is trapped in an angsty, millennial, coming-of-age nightmare.

New York Director Beth Fletcher made Come Be Creepy With Us as symbolic reaction to her own experiences of stress and loneliness in today's world. It is a campy horror short about emerging adulthood and millennial angst, about letting go of our pasts and embracing what it means to grow up. Anna is a twenty-something living in Los Angeles. She used to be a complete bad-bitch and had her shit together...but then her boyfriend left her and she got fired from her job. Her well-meaning but basic friends, Aaron and Carly, can’t give her the support she needs during this deep melancholy. Stagnant, insecure, and helpless Anna is then haunted by the living corpse of a woman who comes up through her bathtub drain; a young camper who drowned at Camp Dark Lake many years before. Where both women find themselves in a grey area, unable to move on, their shared empathy (combined with a bit of weed) allows the two to find some catharsis in an unforgiving, fast paced world.

FLETCHER <<Recently I've been discovering how terrifying it can be to try to figure out how to 'be' without being told what to do. I no longer have schedules for school, I don't have any sort of consistency at work, and to be quite honest it feels like I'm lost a lot of the time. When I was a kid my mom always told me to stay put. "If you're lost, stay where you are and I'll come find you". But here's the kicker: no one's coming to find me.

Anna is very much in the same spot I've been in, one that I believe we've all been in at some point or another. Trying to figure out where to go next, and letting that fear of not knowing keep you where you are. She feels trapped by her fear, unable to move forward, but knowing there's no going back. Through the creation of a swampy, stylized design and the humor that Michael packed into the script, my hope is that this film will offer up inspiration for people who are feeling the same way. Maybe we haven't found a solution but at least we can help them know that that feeling is real, and that they're not just losing it. I want to alleviate the lonely feeling that comes along with being stuck. I want people to know they're not alone in that, and they're not failing at entering adulthood.

Come Be Creepy With Us came into my life at the exact moment when I needed it, much as Bonnie does for Anna. As a filmmaker my goal is to inspire people and shed some light in a world that at times refuses to recognize its existence and Creepy has given me an opportunity to do that in a slightly unorthodox way. Bonnie shows Anna a way to escape, quite literally, but she also shows her that no matter what the situation, even if your dead spirit is trapped in a lake, there's always a way out. >>