Directed by
Griffiths & Golferichs

A video seen from the perspective of the actor when trying to break through the Film Industry

This girl/ boy collaboration piece of work comes from Barcelona based Actor and Creative Director Clara Griffiths and Script writer and Director Macari de Golferichs.

Chronicle of a Contemporary Actor shows a brief glimpse into the career of an up and coming young actor, fighting her way up in the film industry. The actress performs as "herself" with satire and self-mockery, bringing to light the hassle young creatives go through in this business. Set in the context of a self produced DIY vision this film aims to represent every young talent out there struggling to break the ceiling.

De Golferichs <<With this project, we wanted to do two things: embrace the voice of the underdog and make some noise. Clara brought every line to life and put the message right on the table and up for discussion. The monologue is aimed at the core of the film industry here in Spain, where things move slow and fresh blood gets coagulated. We're all just looking for that plot twist that'll put us out there..>>

Griffiths << So... Chronicle of a Contemporary Actor was born out of my desire to play those different roles in one character. As I wasn’t getting all of them in the jobs I was casted in I decided to team up with Macari and then he wrote this amazing 2 minute monologue that expressed everything I wanted to say and to live. I teamed up with my friends and family and they all helped making this possible.

I think there’s something magical about doing things for yourself. I believe you can always take action instead of waiting for things to “fall on your feet". Speak out, tell your own story, and you might surprise yourself! Who would have thought I could direct my own film... >>