Directed by
Lesley Johnson

Two high school friends come to terms with the confusion between friendship and romance.

Charlie marks Canadian Lesley Johnson’s debut short fiction. After working primarily in documentary and as a programmer and producer Lesley studied an MFA at York University in film; this film Charlie was born from that time. The story delves into the small but poignant moments of a teenager's struggle for identity. The pinnacle here being one of first love, heartbreak and a confused relationship between two high school friends. Ultimately a coming-of-age movie where the painful reality of moving on sets in.

Johnson << I lived away from my hometown of Toronto for many years in the Northwest Territories, a place I adore. I often worked within the realm of identity and culture, and it brought me to reflect on my own experiences growing up in the city’s often forgotten east end. Charlie was constructed from fragments, ghosts, memories, and nostalgia, lifted from a different time, recounted in present day. Themes surrounding longing, desire, and the difficulty of self-expression are present, things that can be difficult to come to grips with. >>