Directed by
Victoria Vincent

A cat leaves home to start a new life in the city

Victoria Vincent discovered animation via anime and childhood obsession with taking clips from video games and editing them into Youtube clips. The idea for Cat City came from her personal experience.

'My cat ran away from home a few years ago and I put up fliers around the neighbourhood, and that feeling has always stuck with me. So I started thinking of a story about the cat's adventure away from home. The story ended up reflecting many aspects of my own life experiences: leaving home to pursue independence, becoming depressed and disillusioned, being unable to sleep, turning to self-destructive behavior to cope.'

The story ended up reflecting many aspects of my own life experiences.

Even events like getting hired on the spot only to get abruptly fired as well as the neighbourhood and small room that cat lives in come from Vincent's own experiences.

'Someone asked me why the kid is screaming because it's not explained in the film. There is frequent screaming outside of the apartment complex I live in. I don't know who is screaming or why. Life is full of absurd and unexplainable stuff.'